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Inheritance and resistance to change from space planning to adding green elements In-Tech Interior Design

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has become the mainstream of discussion among enterprises, but ESG not only focuses on sustainable development, but also the ability of enterprises to resist changes and adapt important indicators.

In the last interview with Tonny Chang, Design Director of In-Tech Interior Design (hereinafter referred to as In-Tech) of DAF Interior Design Engineering Co., Ltd., Tonny has already observed the trend of office design in the future, and will pay more attention to the development of tea rooms, meeting rooms, Shared spaces such as leisure and entertainment rooms to enhance the sharing of space resources. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of In-Tech, we listenedto Tonny talk about the "Less is more" green principle that he has realized over the years, and how DAF adapts to the transformation with customers and passes on the originality to the next generation.

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The vacancy rate in the market is rising, and the development potential of many business districts is huge after the rise

During the 30 years since In-Tech was established, it has been focusing on the interior design of corporate offices, contracted construction engineering and project management. Co., Ltd. and other customers to create a high-quality and comfortable office environment.

Since Tonny became the design director of In-Tech, he has always believed in the principle of "focus creates professionalism". "We have been focusing on office design for many years, and have never developed branches such as home design and shop design. It`s not that we dislike big and small silver coins, but we feel that we can focus on one thing and only do one thing, and we can be the best. Professional methods bring the most professional results.”

Affected by the epidemic, the vacancy rate in the office market has risen, Tai Kok Tsui, Lai Chi Kok and other areas have been squeezed into the ranks of core business districts, and the flexibility of office space is also greater. Tonny observes: “Since the epidemic, the rents of Grade A commercial buildings have dropped one after another, once as low as $100 per sq. There are units of similar size in the commercial districts, and after many companies have settled in, they also tend to expand their shared office space.”

Adopt an open design and add green elements such as eternal moss walls

In order to make the use of office space more flexible, many companies have abandoned the cubicle design and instead adopted open and non-fixed desks (Hot Desk). See more vitality.

In terms of design, in order to make the company's image younger and strengthen employees' sense of belonging, many customers have requested to create online celebrity check-in points. We have added a lot of popular Morandi color elements to the color processing. In addition, the lines it is also dominated by arcs, rather than a rigid straight line design. After more natural light is introduced, the overall space becomes brighter and more transparent.”

Customers' requirements for landscaping are also more common. However, planting plants indoors not only requires careful watering, but also needs to consider whether it will cause snakes, rodents, and ants. Tonny recalled the old plant wall practice: "As early as many years ago, there was a green plant wall design, but at that time we used real plants and poured water on them to maintain the natural ecosystem. But watering is not easy. A customer once planted green plants on the window sill, but it caused flooding, but some companies on the window sill have lost more than 300,000 yuan.” In recent years, the emergence of permanent moss walls has solved the problem of watering, and the moss has been specially processed into specimens. After moss, it can be preserved for a long time without special care. Its texture and smell are the same as fresh moss.

Reduce wall-mounted designs, choose reusable furniture and reduce waste at source

After explaining the design aspect, Tonny emphasized: "Only when the design and decoration cooperate with each other can the sustainable effect be achieved." In view of this, in the selection of decoration boards, In-Tech has chosen E1 grade wood boards many years ago. In the formaldehyde content of the board, E1 means that the formaldehyde content of the board is extremely low. In addition, the company also actively uses water-soluble latex paint to reduce the use of wallpaper. "Even if we still use wallpaper in the end, we will also consider whether the wallpaper used is fire-proof, flame-proof and waterproof, and even what processes are used to manufacture the wallpaper during the manufacturing process, and whether it will involve high-pollution processes. These are all things we will consider.

The most straightforward way to reduce energy consumption is to reduce excessive processes from the source. "Budget is often an important factor for customers to consider the complexity of decoration, but many customers will ignore that after the office moves out one day, the complicated decoration will also involve huge restoration costs."

For example, Tonny pointed out that a client once moved the office building during the epidemic, but the original decoration of the office building had to be restored before moving out, including restoring all walls, floors and pipes. At that time, due to the closure of the customs, the materials could not be delivered to in the end, In-Tech mobilized more than 70 people, and after various assistance, the office building was restored within the 50-day deadline. "So we will also remind customers of the advantages and disadvantages of using in-wall design and other complicated processes. At the same time, we will also recommend the use of reusable furniture to reduce subsequent restoration costs and shorten the construction time."

Inheritance of the enterprise: Only by maintaining the transformation can we maintain the international status

"We have cooperated with many clients for more than 10 years, and even passed them down from generation to generation. For example, some enterprises are passed down from father to son. The son does not want the design of the father's generation, so now adopts a new concept Redesigns, such examples happen frequently.”

Standing at 30, for people, the representative has achieved something after the age of 30, and can be independent and take personal responsibility; but for enterprises, 30 is a time for the company to inherit business and ideas. Tonny said: "The emergence of design stems from people's desire for change. Like our customers, we all face the problem of inheritance, and the solution to the problem is to adapt to change. In-Tech hopes to invest more energy in cultivating new a generation of designers is constantly learning and changing, so as to achieve progress.”

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