• Hong Kong Science Park

    HKSTP is a statutory government-funded scientific research and development institution established by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. And to transform Hong Kong into the regional hub for innovation & technology development. ICT Co-Working Center start-up merchants in industries such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet-related industries create a trendy and comfortable working environment.
  • China Life Insurance (Overseas) Co. Ltd

    As the largest integrated insurer on the Chinese mainland, China Life Insurance (Group) Company is taking firm strides to develop modern insurance services and realize the “China Life Dream” of becoming a premier international financial insurance group.
  • Dialogue in the Dark

    Dialogue in the Dark (English: Dialogue in the Dark) is a global social enterprise originated from Germany. Since 1988, it has been committed to promoting social equality, diversity and inclusive and sustainable development.The Experience Pavilion provides a 75-minute journey, guided by visually impaired guides, using their senses other than their sights, including hearing, touch, and smell to complete experience journeys such as crossing the street and finding food. Scenes include parks, shops, and ferries. To simulate the situation faced by blind people.
  • Qualified International Standard(ISO9001)

    ISO 9001 Quality Management System: In today's global economy, it is paramount for companies to demonstrate a commitment to deliver consistent quality service. An effective and efficient quality management system is fundamental with its focus on quality and the ability to satisfy customers' requirements. Regardless of the size, the nature of business or the industry sector, the ISO 9001 standard is a generic quality management system which has evolved through the years and can apply to any organization. IN-TECH has obtained this ISO 9001 recognized certificate since 2008.
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