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    Office interior design and build expert, presenting the fine work in limited time and budget – interview with Tonny Chang, Director of In-Tech Interior Design Company Limited.Hustle and bustle, Hongkonger may spend time in office more than in home during peak season. Therefore the environment of office are very important to employees.In-Tech Interior Design Company Limited (In-Tech) was established in 1993, focus on office interior design and build work, with the experience and insight, they are familiar of the trend and market of office interior design.Tonny Chang, Director of In-Tech emphasizes the being concentrate helps us to be professional. “Different profession have difference practice and operation that makes their requirement of office design different. In-Tech have nearly 30 years of office design and build experience, we aim to grow up and improve together with clients, and present the fine work in limited time and budget.” He smiles and said.Open office helps to build team spiritCompanies used to protect employees’ privacy. Thus, there were partitions in most companies between every seats. Some foreign companies even offer separate rooms for employees. Companies also spent lots of budget for the decoration of reception which giving the first impression to visitors.Office interior design keeps changing. Decoration of reception is not that important as before. The space of employees’ seats are reducing when the space for public and recreation space are expanding. Changing to open office and expanding public and recreation space help employers and employees working closer.“The decoration of reception is not very important for employees. They care about the pantry and places which they spent more time in office.” Tonny said. “The utilization of spaces are effective in our design. Good us of spaces can make us feel like staying in 30,000 s.f. office when it is just 20,000 s.f. in fact. Not only the utilization but also the budget control make us proud. The budget estimate is clearly stated in our presentation, every detail of expenses and savings can be recognized.” He emphasizes.The good design and build work is not only fit for management’s need but also mid-levels. In-tech take care of different needs of employees. “Releasing spaces form individual working places to public area, including pantry, phone booths, recreation room, creating spaces and chances for employees to communicate with each other. They are working closer than before.” Tonny said.Resources sharing in officeTonny aims to enhance the utilization and efficiency of working in office. Every detail of design helps employees to concentrate and effective on working, such as design of routes can save time from walking.Co-working spaces are being more and more popular. Tonny mentions an impressive co-working spaces project, “One of our clients is a spinning and weaving company, they own a building, they planned to reserve some floors for their office, and two floors are designed as a spinning and weaving centre. It is helping to promote Hong Kong spinning and weaving industry, also helping to gather peers and resources. The other floors of building are designed as co-working spaces for peers. Our client was very satisfied with the final work. We are also very glad to make the project happened.”“Sharing resources is not only for external parties but also internal. Hot-desking is one of the popular way to share resources, which means desks and computers are not assigned for particular one employee, but share for anyone in need. ” Tonny continues.Make projects happened on time is the first priorityFor past 28 years, In-Tech has never delayed in any project.Around 3 years ago, we have received an enquiry from a client, they have branch in Hong Kong and headquartered in Israel. They were considering to remove office and seek our help to predict the costs and risks. We estimated the saving of office removal within 6 years, and convinced the headquarters to accept changing design and renting a bigger office. “The headquarters needed time to consider, thus we started to work after Lunar New Year, when the target finish time was remain unchanged. About 20 days before the target finish date, the design and build work were nearly finished. Our designer believes that we can always improve our limitation and present the better results. After consideration and visited the site, our designer convinced the client to demolished the former design and rebuild.” Tonny smiles and continues, “At the result, we finished the project on time and saved $6 million for client. We even became friends with the head of Hong Kong branch. He was then promoted to headquarters.” There are different stories behind different offices and projects. But In-Tech will always presenting the fine work to clients on time.
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    HKSTP is a statutory government-funded scientific research and development institution established by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. And to transform Hong Kong into the regional hub for innovation & technology development. ICT Co-Working Center start-up merchants in industries such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet-related industries create a trendy and comfortable working environment.
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    As the largest integrated insurer on the Chinese mainland, China Life Insurance (Group) Company is taking firm strides to develop modern insurance services and realize the “China Life Dream” of becoming a premier international financial insurance group.
  • Dialogue in the Dark

    Dialogue in the Dark (English: Dialogue in the Dark) is a global social enterprise originated from Germany. Since 1988, it has been committed to promoting social equality, diversity and inclusive and sustainable development.The Experience Pavilion provides a 75-minute journey, guided by visually impaired guides, using their senses other than their sights, including hearing, touch, and smell to complete experience journeys such as crossing the street and finding food. Scenes include parks, shops, and ferries. To simulate the situation faced by blind people.
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